Malca-Amit, the world leader in secured vaulting and transportation solution, is currently appointed as the physical custodian in Hong Kong and is responsible for the operation of the vault at Hong Kong International Airport as well as logistics and transport services delivering to 32 countries across 5 continents subject to additional fees.

A very fine and precise laser beam was used to inscribe the GIA report number on the girdle of every diamond registerd on our platform.

Registered users can sell diamonds purchased on EverCarat platform. Simply log onto, sellers can enter their desired selling price during trading hours. Trading will proceed when a buyer accepts the price.

Our platform is currently serving all customers with bank account in Hong Kong. Once registered, they can buy and sell anywhere by logging onto

To withdraw physical diamonds outside Hong Kong, relevant charges will be calculated depending on the specific location.

You can arrange viewing by contacting our customer service hotline to schedule a visit at additional charges.

You can have your diamond(s) delivered by contacting our customer service hotline at additional charges.

Once a diamond is withdrawn from the EverCarat platform, it cannot be once again listed back on the platform for trading at this moment. The listing of recycled diamonds, however, is part of our service initiative that we are working on. More information on this service will be announced at a later date.

At this moment, we will not accept the listing of any diamonds not being puchased on EverCarat.

You will receive a monthly statement of your diamond holding that includes the corresponding GIA certificate number(s) of the diamond(s). You can go to anytime to access the specific GIA certificate by inputing its certificate number.

EverCarat will only accept diamonds from authorized suppliers who are compliant with the Kimberley Process.

Origin, ownership and transaction are fully traced by blockchain technology at the backend, which provide a complete, accurate and uneditable record, offering the best protection to our customers.

All diamonds traded on our platform are physically settled diamonds, kept in the vault of our designated custodian Malca-Amit. Customers can arrange viewing or delivery of diamonds upon request.

Only diamonds of round brilliant cut are available on our platform because of its excellence, rarity and value, making it the best investment diamond.

To best serve and protect our customers, all diamonds from authorized suppliers with GIA certificates will be re-authenticated by GIA once again to ensure only the best and genuine diamonds are being registered on our platform.

Diamonds in pairs or batch can provide better standardization in terms of carat weight.

Diamonds of identical colour and clarity are paired up to form a standardized product of 2.10 combined carat.

The place of origin is not a determining factor to assess the value of a diamond. Many countries in the world have higher production in diamonds and of better quality, such as Australia, Russia and Botswana etc. As long as it is a diamond, it is the hardest substance on earth with identical chemical composition. Professional jewelers and appraisers are currently unable to distinguish the origin of diamonds.

There is no investment value in synthetic diamond. All diamonds listed on the platform are natural diamonds.

EverCarat is developed by a team from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s Incubation-Tech Programme with headquarter at HKSTP in Shatin. The platform only buy and sell physically settled diamonds which are kept at world-class vaulting facility by third-party custodian.