Hong Kong-based fintech start-up AssetOnChain Technology raises seed funding

AssetOnChain Technology Limited, a Hong Kong-based fintech start-up and an incubatee of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Incu-Tech Programme, has successfully closed its first-round of fundraising involving external institutional investors

The seed fund comes from ParticleX, the tech startup incubator and accelerator in Guangdong-Hong Kong Greater Bay area, 4 Mosquitos Investments, and private investor who was a former senior executive of Apple Asia.

AssetOnChain is building the first global marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade digitised commodity assets as easy as any other traditional assets such as gold, currencies or stock.

“The primary goal of our start-up is to build an innovative trading platform by combining proven trading technologies that the founding team had learnt through decades of experience in the financial industry and emerging blockchain technologies that tracks ownership, transaction and provenance,” says Rico Tang, Co-Founder and CEO of AssetOnChain Technology who previously held senior positions at various financial institutions and exchanges. “The seed fund will enable us to broaden our platform development capabilities to fuel our long-term growth strategy.”

Mingles Tsoi, Chief Exploration Officer from ParticleX (investor of AssetOnChain) said, “We envision great potential for a proprietary online platform of trading commodities as an alternative investment to customers with a need of diversifying their portfolios. I concur with the mission of AssetOnChain to unlock illiquid commodities by providing a simpler, safer and superior trading platform that will redefine commodity trading.”

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