About Assetonchain Technology LTD

Due to rapid revolution of technology in the financial industry, it brings the new age of asset digitization. Particularly, blockchain is making it possible to move towards the digitization of a physical asset due to its transparent, auditable, immutable and distributed nature. Converting a physical asset into the tradeable digital asset offers a higher degree of liquidity and removal of traditional intermediates thereby lower cost of transaction.

Assetonchain Technology Ltd is a Fintech company incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Our mission is to unleash the asset value through digitization that is trusted and deployed rapidly without boundaries. The company offers a leading edge in connecting physical asset owners with global investors at lower cost, with extra trust and flexibility, through asset digitization using blockchain and IoT technologies.

About EverCarat

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First global marketplace

for Physically Settled Diamonds
on Blockchain Technology

We combine proven trading technologies with emerging blockchain technology to connect buyers and sellers to trade investment grade diamonds as a new asset class.


Bronze Award for the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019 – FinTech Award (Emerging Solution)​

ET Net FinTech Awards 2018 - Outstanding Blockchain Diamonds Trading Platform

EverCarat Solution


EverCarat provides the exchange platform that unites buyers and sellers to trade physical diamonds conveniently and economically round the year. Individuals can choose to buy, sell and hold their diamonds or opt for secured worldwide delivery.


GIA certified diamonds will be re-authenticated by GIA a second time with fresh sealing by GIA; professionally and independently audited and securely transported to and stored at world-class vaulting facility by our custodian.


Only diamonds of investment grade, meticulously handpicked by authorized suppliers, including Sightholders of De Beers, with laser inscription and valid GIA certificate (displaying its Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight) will be listed on EverCarat.


EverCarat has applied robust exchange technology on proven architecture providing a fully electronic trading infrastructure that enables anyone to buy and sell diamonds as easy as gold. The digital thumbprint enabled by recognized blockchain technology tracks through supply chain and transactions.


Buyers and sellers can trade confidently with complete price transparency with ready access to ongoing price through real-time bid and ask as well as market data available to all trading users.

Our Team

We are a team of visionary entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive and exceptional credentials in financial service, exchange, trading and mobile technology

Catar Liu

CEo & Co-Founder

Catar has spent over 18 years in the Financial Technology sector, specializing in business development of WealthTech. Before founding Assetonchain, he was previously the Director, Head of Business Development at Front Office Technology (FOT), and successfully established FOT as one of the leading integrated technology provider in Hong Kong financial industry. He also worked for Thomson Reuters responsible for the business development in Hong Kong Securities and Futures institutional clients.

Derek Wong

DIrector & Co-Founder

Derek is a pioneer in mobile internet ecosystem. He launched one of the first mobile stock quote apps in HK in 2001 when he was a founder of an internet startup. Later on, he continued his journey in mobile internet with various senior positions in Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. He focused on building up the mobile ecosystem for Greater China, operating various mobile internet services including maps, music, games and app stores which serve more than 20 millions users.

Vincent Lai

Principal Consultant &


Vincent is a technology veteran with over 25 years of experience in Financial Technology. He started as a software engineer in Reuters working on projects spanning across transaction services, market data, multi-language financial terminal and data delivery system. Previously he was the Head of Business Operations, EFP Asia at Thomson Reuters.

Kenneth Tsui

Principal Consultant &


Kenneth was formerly the Managing Director, North Asia at Thomson Reuters, overseeing its operations in Greater China and Korea. He led the team who built the interbank electronic trading platform for China Foreign Exchange Trading System (CFETS), a subsidiary of People’s Bank of China (PBOC). He was also the former non-executive chairman of AFE Solutions, a Hong Kong based integrated information and trading solution provider. He is also the Vice-chairman at the Education sub-committee of Treasury Markets Association.

Doris Chow

CTo & General manager

Doris has over 20 years of experience in the field of Information technology. She has worked in eBroker Systems Ltd as a project manager for 8 years, during the role of project manager, she leaded the cross-region technical teams developed WealthTech solutions for HK Wealth Management financial institutions. Wealth of technical experience from hands on database design, system design, to cross-region project and programme management on product development and deployment.

Our Milestone

2017 Q4​

  • Founding team comprised of former senior executives from Thomson Reuters and Samsung China

  • Applied and received the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) Grant

2018 Q1

  • AOC officially became a qualified incubatee of the HKSTP’s ‘Incu-Tech’ programme

2018 Q2

  • Started operating at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

  • Trading Platform initial development and testing completed

  • Signed off agreement with Malca-Amit as Third Party Custodian Service provider for secured storage and logistic solutions

2018 Q3

  • Successfully closed first-round fundraising with external institutional investors including tech-based start-ups accelerator Particle X with funding from the China retail enterprise, Belle International’s founder Tang’s Family, and diamond industry consortium

  • Evercarat exchange platform brand launch event

  • Product seminars to channel partners to introduce platform

2018 Q4

  • Joint Press Conference and Platform Launch Event with Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

  • Launch of Evercarat trading platform

  • Media interviews to introduce the platform to the public

2019 Q1

  • Won the ET Net FinTech Awards 2018 – Outstanding Blockchain Diamonds Trading Platform

  • Won the Bronze Award for the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019 – FinTech Award (Emerging Solution)

Unlock The Value of Polished Diamonds